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SECFOR 360 is a division of SECFOR International that delivers complete Risk Management & Training solutions. Our team specializes in delivering services to our clients in challenging locations around the world. Whether you are a media organization traveling to Syria, an executive visiting  facilities in Northern Mexico, or an artist with an upcoming show in Bogotá, Colombia, we have health & safety solutions that will add value to your project while keeping your team safe and letting you focus on your tasks on the ground.

SECFOR’s founder and CEO has been traveling to hostile regions for almost 30 years, and continue to protects clients in challenging environments such as Syria, Lebanon, Brazil, Mexico, Haiti, Iraq, Venezuela, and many other locations. Though we are still providing evacuation & risk management services, we are expanding our international training footprint to reach newcomers in the Risk Management industry as well as experienced professionals, providing them with reality-based protective education in challenging areas.

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Route Mapping

One of the most important skills you will ever learn in this industry . This course is available now!


kidnap & ransom

You need to know the realities of the K & R industry if working in high risk environments. Coming soon!



Our security management experience is primarily outside the border of the US. Learn how we plan and execute high risk operations.


SECFOR is in Beirut, Lebanon

Our team is currently preparing for evacuation efforts in Lebanon. As the situation here on the ground is likely to get worse before it gets better, we are evacuating anyone that would like to relocate immediately, regardless of nationality  

Lebanon relocation?

Evacuating from Beirut is still a valid option but we are not sure for how long. We provide efficient methods to ensure the safe relation of evacuees from all high-risk areas. Upon arrival in safer zones in regional safe-havens, multiple evacuation options are available, including air, land, and sea routes to various international destinations. Our services include secure ground transportation from the arrival point to designated hotels and vice versa, ensuring a seamless transition for final departures. SECFOR offers a secure hub for nationals of all countries utilizing our proven safe-evacuation blueprint. We also offer secure land convoys and maritime evacuation routes.  For more information, click the link:: EVACUATE LEBANON NOW

Lebanon Support

We are currently based in Beirut and can support all efforts:

  • Media
  • Documentary
  • NGO
  • Government
  • Other

We can provide secured transportation to all parts of the country, and facilitate lodging, transportation, security and fixers. Please contact us at rick@secfor360.com

"I just completed my WPS II training in preparation for an upcoming PSS assignment in Iraq. Rick, I must say your program is way superior at every level"

Jaime N

PSS - US Department of State

Experience counts

SECFOR instructors are all currently working in their specialty. We come off detail and into the classroom 


"By far the best training I’ve ever had. I learned more here than in the military. Effective techniques, no BS. Would recommend this course to anyone who wants to get into this type of work."

Brice R

U.S. Army

"This course was very well taught and real-world based. I learned new things and improved skills I already had, I highly recommend this course to all trying to enhance their skill set"

Ryan T


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