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Looking for a training partner?

SECFOR licenses its online courses to training institutions looking to combine expertise. We can prepare your students with a solid educational foundation before they come to your training facility for their hands-on skills. Few enjoy going to a world-class training center with firing ranges, driving tracks, and combat towns, only to sit in a classroom while they are there. We can help your students receive the theory & familiarization portion of the training to minimize their time in the classroom. We can develop custom online programs that stay consistent with your curriculum. Contact us to get started!

Online Training to your students

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We can help develop and host online content specificly for your students. Before students attend your training, they will have already passed their theory and knowledge portions in a variety of subjects.

Guest instructor

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We can send guest instructors to your class to augment your existing training. Route mapping, advance work, basic & advanced medical subjects, high-risk driving and other topics. Our staff specializes in high-risk, low-profile protective details and works in a variety of threat environments including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Lebanon, Haiti, Iraq, Brazil and other challenging regions. If our experience can boost your training capability, please contact us.

Contract hard & soft skills

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We have been running protective academies for years and have time tested curriculum that evolves as times change. Basic staples such as driving, medical, protective planning are now combined with protective intelligence, data intelligence, VPNs,  TSCM, blue tooth technology, and anti-hacking & tracking procedures & detection, as well as other 21st century EP agent hard and soft skills. Contact us and let us know how we can help take your program to the next level


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