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Route Mapping for Protection Professionals

When we interview candidates for international protective positions, we always pose a scenario based question designed to learn about the protector’s experience and training planning a mission. Unless you have trained with SECFOR, you may not answer this question correctly. We need to hear about your planning and contingencies, starting with your Route Planning and Mapping. Learn our mapping system, and the other correct answers in our online course.

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During this course, we will demonstrate and teach you, step by step, SECFOR’s  5-part route mapping system. This will allow course participants to see exactly what we are doing, and you will utilize what you can to augment your existing mapping skills.

To earn the certificate of completion, students will be assigned route mapping tasks to be graded and critiqued until a certain set standard is achieved. This certification will let employers know that the candidate whose resume is in front of them can actually be tasked with the mapping of a mission and has proven that they are competent at this skill. This will set you apart from the other candidates. The entire program and testing can be accomplished from your laptop computer at your home.

This is not a “webinar” or tips and tricks video, it is a formal training course that will show you real time all of the elements of this process including:

  •  Introduction on why we always hard-map our high threat details
  • Examples of what happens when you rely on your phone or GPS device only
  • Real-time demo of a route selection and mapping
  • Each of the 5 phases then broken down step by step
  • Common problems we see in class when teaching this skill
  • Solutions on how to avoid the common pit-falls
  • How we use the hard-maps on detail
  • Practice mapping mission walk through
  • Realistic navigation hacks
  • Assignments given to those who chose the certificate program
  • Certificate issued


Kidnap and Ransom Introduction

We see Kidnap and Ransom case management taught quite often by individuals that have never worked an actual case. This course was developed by K & R Consultants with years of experience managing actual kidnap cases. This is not a re-hashed hostage negotiator seminar, it is a complete introduction broken down in 6 phases that SECFOR had to develop while managing kidnaps in Mexico and worldwide. This system is NOT taught outside of SECFOR.

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4 types of Advances - Free Material

This free list breaks down the different types of advances SECFOR agents utilize during their international details. The Executive Protection/Close Protection/Bodyguard Training course you attended, may have just introduced 1 way to complete an advance. Anyone that has done this job for a while will know that depending on number of personnel, financial resources, type of details and other factors…the advance can change dramatically. Learn the different type of advances from agents that work high threat government & private details, corporate details, celebrity protection, and have experience in all different type of advance work.


Executive Protection/Close Protection Certificate

The Online Protective Security certificate course consists of 20 instructional lessons as well as 5 scenario-based modules utilizing 360 video and Virtual Reality servers that will put the student in the right front seat of the lead vehicle in Beirut, Lebanon, or an open air market in Bogota, Colombia as well as a number of other immersive scenarios. This curriculum will be available to all students with a computer and internet connection and will allow participants to pick out anomalies with a 360 degree view in realistic protective environments 


Grid Coordinates - Practical use

We have been training military veterans for years and one thing became clear early on. If you do not keep current on your basic navigation skills, you will lose them. SECFOR has developed a simplified way for protectors working in remote areas to master grid coordinates. Knowing what each digit in the grid coordinate signifies and how to translate one grid system to another is important when working with outside agencies especially in remote foreign locations. When you are done with our program, you will no longer wonder about locating yourself utilizing grid coordinates or providing coordinates on your advance plan or to outside agencies


Trauma, Emergency Medical, & BLS Theory

Our standard protective medical program we teach to new agents consists of the Emergency Medical Response certificate, Basic Life Support for Professionals (CPR/AED) and Tactical Combat Casualty Care for Medical Professionals. We call this our High Risk First Responder package. Approximately 40 hours of this course is theory aimed to gain an understanding of the theory and physiology behind sick and injured patients. SECFOR will now allow students to take the theory portions of our program online and attend a greatly abbreviated course to practice and perform the hands-on skills portions of these certificate. 



Hands-on Training

Protective Security Certificate - 7 weeks


This is SECFOR International’s flagship training program and encompasses 30 years of protecting and travel to high threat environments. This 53-day Protective Security training program has quickly become the standard in the industry. We actually teach you how to protect, and not just useless drills from outdated government agency manuals. Since our staff is currently working in high threat environments between classes, we can give students actual usable information regarding mitigating risks to their team and their principals. Our PSC program is comprised of 5 modules.

The 5 modules include:

Corporate & Celebrity Executive Protection | 8 days
This course covers the day-to-day job duties of an EP agent, and includes mission planning, threat & risk assessment, route mapping, daily activity reporting, after action reports, expense tracking, basics of moving with a client, 3 different types of protective advances, in & out of vehicles, restaurants, office spaces, public events, entertainment venues, handshake lines, autograph signings, & stage work. The course finishes off with a full overnight detail in Los Angeles where course participants will conduct a detail that you cannot discern from an actual detail. Tracking your principal’s flight, pick ups at Los Angeles International Airport and working your client through multiple venues and back to the hotel where you will work your principal overnight. Instructors for this module are currently working in the corporate and celebrity protective industry, domestically and abroad.

Surveillance Detection/Counter Surveillance/TSCM | 10 days
During this 10-day module students will learn numerous techniques to detect, track, and defeat surveillance through trade-craft and top of the line electronic detection devices. Detecting surveillance is the front line defense in protecting diplomats, government officials, Corporate CEOs and other high value principals. Protection specialists rarely receive complete, realistic training in these topics and the skills learned will add value to any security detail, corporate or government. Picking up where we left off in the HTP module surveillance detection leaves off, students will now complete dedicated surveillance missions, build threat boards to track suspected surveillance, while simultaneously learning electronic countermeasures, GPS detection, bug sweeps, and phone line analysis utilizing top-of-the-line TSCM equipment at your client’s lavish estates in the area. Instructors come from Government and military backgrounds with extensive experience in surveillance & counter surveillance.

Protective Security Driving  7 days
Our 7-day Protective Security Driving package is the most comprehensive program of it’s kind, and provides an extreme hands-on driving experience. Asphalt, Unimproved road, High & Low Profile PSD driving, Vehicle Dynamics, Advanced Skid control, NVG (Black-out) driving, Ramming-techniques, PIT & Counter PIT, Advanced Reverse Clinics, Attack on Motorcade response, are just some of the features that make this course the most complete driver training available. We would not settle for a parking-lot course and instead train on a 1.2 mile track with a variety of surfaces, cut-outs, and cross roads. After 2 days of vehicle dynamics, skid control, steering, braking, accident avoidance and other drills designed to teach students to dominate a variety of vehicles, we move into PSD driving, Motorcade formations, immediate actions and contact drills until the adrenaline-charged final day of testing. Our driving instructors come from diverse backgrounds from on and off road racing to military and government protective services driving instruction backgrounds.

High Risk First Responder | 6 days
Quality medical training is mandatory for protectors. This program is designed specifically for protectors and we eliminated medical training that was not relevant to the industry. In this 6-day block of instruction participants will earn their Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED for Healthcare Professionals, Earn the Emergency Medical Response certificate and trained in recognizing and responding to Medical Emergencies (Cardiac, Stroke, Allergic Reactions, Environmental Injuries), and finally receive their Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) provider certification through the NAEMT. This TCCC certification is considered the best in the business and is has been praised by special operations personnel, military medics and the NAEMT’s military medic of the year. Your medical training will not stop here as these skills will resurface later in the pipeline, and be combined with other skills such as live fire evacuations and other protective scenarios. Instructors are all military medics and paramedics that have actually used these techniques in the field under austere conditions

High Threat Protection | 19 days
This module bridges the gap between conventional domestic protective operations and war-zone PSD work. The 19-day HTP module will provide the training, knowledge, and hard skills, to act as proficient protective team leader/member in all threat areas by focusing on one of the most challenging protective scenarios, High Threat-Low Profile operations. Combat-Marksmanship, Live-fire Immediate Actions, Foreign Weapons training, Unlawful detention, UTM/MGRS Grid Coordinates, Practical Surveillance Detection, CQC with a principal, Combatives for protective agents, Driver-Down, Live-fire Vehicle down and 2 additional protective details complete with detail mapping, advance work, and working with surveillance detection assets during the detail. All of the soft skills, medical and other protocols from earlier modules come into play all the way through the module culminating in an intense final week of testing and evaluation. Instructors are all currently working in hostile environments worldwide, and come off of detail and into the classroom to provide the most current information available.

Testing & Validation
The testing process you will undergo during the Protective Security Certificate pipeline is the most extensive in the industry. The testing will continue throughout your 53-day training session which will assess each candidate in more than 75 skills and categories, with tasks being graded individually, by team, per course, and overall. Graduates will be placed into a Tier system (1-5) at the conclusion of the course based on their final total points earned from the assessments conducted throughout the program.

We are on hold until restriction are relaxed. Contact us to be put in our database when we schedule courses again. You can start attending online training now below!


Kidnap and Ransom Case Intro - Online + 4 days

The online course above is the introduction to this program. If you are going to work in a capacity to be directly involved with kidnap mitigation, case management, and resolution, then this program will be valuable. This course what developed by K & R Consultants with years of experience managing actual kidnap cases and is not a re-hashed hostage negotiator course. The 6 phases of our online K & R introduction course above will serve as a road map for the hands-on portion of this course culminating in you final scenario on the Mexican border while you will resolve a case in real time and go through all the steps of family & coworker interviews, working with third part intermediaries, interpreters and setting up a money drop.

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International Conflict Management - Online + 7 days

SECFOR’s International Crisis Management course is a one-of-a-kind certificate program that was developed by experienced international crisis managers, kidnap negotiators, and security professionals that have spent their careers traveling to foreign lands and dealing with a variety of challenges from covert protection details to Kidnap for Ransom negotiations.

The online portion of the ICM program includes travel safety, threat mitigation during air travel, emergency language, cultural training, advance work, mapping, remote security considerations, high threat protection strategies, regional familiarization & mission planning, before heading to an international location for the final 7 days of the course. Once on the ground, course participants will complete full advances before completing a protective mission, and conflict management scenarios while immersing yourself into local language, culture and receiving regular regional security briefings by local SMEs. International locations course participants may travel to during the ICM module are Beirut-Lebanon, Caracas-Venezuela, Bogota-Colombia, Manila-Philippines, Cd. Juarez-Mexico, Sarajevo-Bosnia, Port Au Prince-Haiti, and other locations. This program will resume once the current travel restrictions are lifted.

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Protective Hard Skills - 8 days
We are delivering an 8-Day Hard Skills program designed for all protectors or high-risk travelers. This intense program is taught by instructors currently working in high threat environments and includes Executive Protection Basics, Trauma & Emergency medical certificates, live-fire immediate actions, and an unmatched high risk driving including contact driving, motorcade procedures and immediate actions. Some subjects include:
  • EP Basics: Realistic Small Detail Movements & Walking Formations, Ins & Outs, Arrivals and Departures / Pick Ups and Drops / Ins & Outs (Getting your principal and team in and out of vehicles)
  • Evasive / PSD Driving SUVs and Sedans (3 days of Track Driving! We do not do Parking Lot courses!)SUV Roll Over Simulator – Working with SUVs in austere environments, this can be a life-saver,  
  • Protective Driving: Motorcade Driving (2 and 3 vehicle High and Low-Profile tactics)Contact Driving – Quite often your vehicle is your only available weapon & escape, Night Driving with hostile and routine traffic
  • Tactical Comat Casualty Care (NAEMT) – Concentrating on penetrating injuries
  • Basic Life Support CPR/AED  (American Red Cross)
  • Medical Emergencies (Stroke, Heart Attack, Severe Allergies, Blood Sugar Issues, Food Poisoning, etc)
  • Combat Marksmanship for Protectors (1200 rounds included in tuition)Live Fire Limo-Down & Immediate Actions, Live Fire Attacks On Principal Drills (AOP)Live Fire Client Evacuation Drills, 


Medical Certifications - EMR, TCCC, BLS

A 15 year SEAL medic told us our Tactical Combat Casualty Care program was the best and most realistic training he had seen during his career. We aim to deliver the best training possible rather than a feel-good certificate course. We need to make sure you are proficient and “fluent” in medicine. We will be putting all of our theory online so that when you come to our training center, we will do nothing but hands-on skills development and testing. Some of the medical certifications we deliver are as follows:

  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Basic Life Support (CPR/AED)
  • CPR for Professional Rescuer
  • Civilian Lifesaver (Stop the Bleed + CPR)

We will resume training when all restrictions are lifted.


Custom Training Solutions

We provide custom training solutions to corporations, NGOs, Military units, and security teams looking to augment their existing training with SECFOR’s curricula.

We have a proven track record of looking at the team’s mission and customizing programs to develop the specific skill-set to improve mission success.