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The training is beyond what I expected

The course gave me a greater respect and understanding for this line of work. The training has given me the confidence to pursue this career. The instructors’ experience in the field showed when they taught. The training is beyond what I expected!


The presenter knew his material

The presenter knew his material. This was a guy who obviously is doing the job full time with a lot of time in the industry who made it clear that his focus was on the technicalities and practicalities of actually doing the job, not necessarily resume waving. 


Great Job! Loads of great info

Nice to finally see a place that actually takes the time to put a web seminar together properly and in such a professional way. I’ve attended others that use plain text, no pics and clearly have not prepared the speech part of it. Great job! Loads of great info and bonus points for going over the specified time. I would definitely be interested in any other web seminars from SECFOR!”


Very Different Approach

For those who have not worked outside of the Iraq/Afghanistan bubble I assure you most of the world involves very different approaches to doing business and it was nice to see this addressed in a constructive and professional manner by someone who appreciates the details.


High & Low Profile Experience in the Middle East and Africa

It also became clear early on that not only does he (the instructor) know Mexico and the nuances of working there, but also has high and low profile experience in the Middle East and West Africa from which he could compare and contrast.


More in depth that I expected

I attended this webinar today, it was more in depth that I expected! Rick provided solid and sound security tactics for the dynamic situation that they must operate in, very informative and professional! I have been in the private security industry for over 25 years and I learned about tactics and planning, there is something to be taken from this training, no matter what your experience level might be.

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“The course was excellent. I have been through many training courses, but this one was by far the best. Amazing course!

Raul C.

U.S. Army

Best training I have ever received. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in what they teach, and it shows

Robert M.



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